20 janv. 2020

About this blog...

Welcome on my blog!
My intention is to describe in every post a specific piece of art depicting Saint Sebastian, through centuries, countries and arts...
Each piece is then classified in few folders (at least the followings, thanks to the tags, in the "Previously on §ebastianus..." section):
- the language(s) of the comment (00.lgu ENG for English, written in Red color)
- the country (01: Continent - Country and 02 for France - Province)
- the century when it was created
- the art (pe: Art07: 7th art = Cinema)

A general presentation is also used as a table of contents. You can also use the Search engine at the top right.

Your help is very appreciated, you can leave a comment under a specific message, answer to the HELP requests (tag HELP ) or send me a mail: on my profile).
Other tags:
- --NEWS--: for the saint's latest apparitions in the Arts or in real life
- Best Of Saint Sebastian : a selection of my pictures
- Famous Artists : for the best known Saint Sebastians
- Gay St Seb : when Saint Sebastian is a gay icon
- Other Saints : saints met on the way or associated with St Sebastian
- Religious Art : found in churches
- §ebastianus : MY saint Sebastians: my trips, my pictures...
Enjoy your stay!
God save St Sebastian!

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